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Philanthropic Services

The Team at Richmond Wealth have many years of experience dealing with Charities from an investment and ongoing advice perspective.  Scott Stanley sits on the Trustees Board of , a unique WA based charity established in 2004 that has raised and given away over $1.5M to date.

Sharing ones wealth can be very rewarding, however most Australians take an ad-hoc approach to their giving.  There are many ways in which you can help the broader community such as:

1.    Volunteering time and skills
2.    Donating money direct to a Charity
3.    Joining a public ancillary fund
4.    Setting up your own Private Ancillary Fund
5.    Leaving a bequest in your will.

Ancillary funds are a simple and effective way to help an individual or family make the most of their giving.  Public ancillary funds and private ancillary funds are the two types of foundations in Australia that facilitate immediate income tax deductions for individuals while supporting the charities of their choice over many years.