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“My Portfolio” Service

The Richmond Private Wealth “My Portfolio Service” is a comprehensive investment management, strategic advice and administration service and includes ongoing financial mentoring. 

The service is typically appropriate for portfolios of about $500,000 or more or those clients that are focussed on wealth accumulation.  “My Portfolio Service” ensures that your investments receive the timely attention they require and your strategy can be more responsive to changing personal, economic and investment conditions.

The service is most appropriate for those that prefer to have a portfolio designed to suit their specific circumstances.  The service allows us to deliver greater control and flexibility over asset allocation, the underlying investments, the timing of purchases and sales, the level of income targeted as well as ethical screens and managing taxation outcomes for each individual investor.

Many of our clients have only a passing knowledge of investments and markets and need to be assured that their affairs are being looked after diligently, from a strategic and investment perspective.