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Creating Wealth

There are no magic bullets to creating wealth unfortunately. However the Team at Richmond Wealth are here to serve you and will certainly hold you accountable to your financial goals and aspirations.  As a boutique firm with no ownership links or affiliations with banks fund managers of other financial institutions, the Team at Richmond Wealth are well placed to assist you plan, track and manage your household wealth in a structured and low risk manner.

At Richmond Wealth, we follow the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s (FPA) six step process to financial planning which involves:

1.    Defining the scope of engagement
2.    Identifying your goals
3.    Assessing your financial situation
4.    Preparing your financial plan
5.    Implementing the recommendations
6.    Reviewing the plan

If you are interested in changing your financial future for the better view this short video titled “2 minutes that will change your future” by the FPA.