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Ageing with Assets

An individual or couples living arrangements may need to change as they age. A lower maintenance home may be needed, more help to stay in your home or care provided in a residential service.  These decisions should not be rushed, so careful planning and attention is required in order to make the most suitable decision with the most favourable financial outcome.

Richmond Wealth has helped many individuals and families make better decisions in relation to assessing the myriad of rules, structures and financial impacts of moving into aged care.

If we were to give on tip about this topic it would be to plan early and start considering the options for you and your loved ones well in advance of any need.  In our experience, most leave this planning too late or do not plan at all only to find out after the event that the financial outcome could have been much better with some simple planning up front.

If you would like to download a free brochure titled “Aged Care Advice – What are your Choices?”, please click here.